CDA Mission

Providing superior services to the retail loss prevention community by partnering with clients in order to ensure responsive, accurate, and ethical treatment of civil recovery payees.

History of CDA

Civil Demand Associates, Inc. (CDA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BP Fisher Law Group, LLP, and was founded in 1987. CDA is the nation’s oldest established civil recovery and employee restitution processing firm of its kind. The organization manages shoplifting and dishonest employee recovery programs so clients can focus on what they do best. CDA works closely with the attorneys of BP Fisher Law Group, LLP and technology partners across the nation to ensure an effective collection effort at all levels. With over 25 years in business, CDA has become the premier industry standard and home to over 150 clients, from individual stores to Fortune 500 chains, and includes department stores, food services, and grocery chains. Whatever our client’s size or market area, CDA creates a customized program that puts them first.

Civil Demand Associates, Inc. was conceived as a reliable way of outsourcing and integrating case management involving thousands of case files for review, processing, and collection for its retail loss prevention department clients. CDA offers a combination of experience in the fields of retail loss prevention, marketing, civil law, and law enforcement. CDA’s affiliation with its parent company, BP Fisher Law Group, LLP brings to bear the legal expertise of a national creditors’ rights law firm and increases the value offered to each client.


“Civil Demand Associates has provided us with civil demand services for the past 10 years. We are pleased with the results CDA delivers on our internal civil demand cases. They deliver a quality service with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.”

Al Hrubeniuk, CPPDirector Loss Prevention Services
Smart & Final Stores Corporation

“You and your team have provided us with top-drawer service and a timely response to our questions and needs, not to mention the checks that you continue to send to us for collections on our investigative cases.”

Michael V. Povendo, CFEVice President, Loss Prevention
Sally Holding, Inc.

“I personally know the character and reputation of the persons leading their company and on that basis I do not hesitate to recommend Civil Demand Associates to anyone requiring their services. I feel confident in saying that their clients will always be dealt with fairly, professionally and with a personal commitment to quality service.”

John H. Christman, CPPSecurity Consultant

“In 2002 Academy Sports & outdoors began the Search for a civil demand provider that really understood our business. What we found is a true partner in Civil Demand Associates. The professionalism and responsiveness of the entire CDA team over the past four years has justified that we made the right decision. I would highly recommend CDA to anyone who is considering outsourcing their civil demand program.”

Joe MatthewsDirector of loss Prevention
Academy Sports & Outdoors

“Civil Demand Associates has brought a whole new level to the recovery efforts of our organization. I appreciate the dedication, customer service and the overall relationship I have experienced with the team at CDA. They, like I, value the relationship and partnership that makes us all successful.”

Dan J. Poelstra Loss Prevention Professional

Superior Civil Demand

  • Civil Recovery

    CDA will first process each retail theft incident and determine if a demand can be made, and for how much. This is dependent on many factors including the civil statute as well as the retailer’s own policies. Our attorneys will convey your demand to the individual and CDA will handle the administrative aspects of handling phone calls and payments.

  • Employee Restitution

    When a merchant obtains a promissory note or a signed admission from an associate, CDA will service the account. Through an in-house and extensive attorney network, CDA also collects a civil demand from the employee when the incident is covered under the appropriate statute.

  • Court-Ordered Restitution

    When a retailer obtains court orders for civil restitution as a result of shoplifting or dishonest employee prosecutions, CDA will manage the account and keep the court informed of the status. Although not a major part of most recovery programs, CDA has helped companies handle court-ordered restitution effectively for many years.

Custom Client Services

  • Demand Point

    Demand Point allows retailers to make a civil demand at the time of apprehension. If you have access to a computer and a printer, you have the ability to initiate your civil demand process IMMEDIATELY. This can minimize any possible bad address cases with integrated address verification. It also has a built in prior offense checking system. CDA will then calculate the proper civil demand, generate a CUSTOM demand notice and send the document back to the user, ready-to-print. Reduced case transmission time will give CDA the added advantage of increasing the commitment to reimburse your organization for any incurred losses.

  • ORS2

    Manage your civil recovery program from top to bottom in real time – civil recovery case management done right!  Quick comprehensive reporting and easy administration of a custom client portal.  Enter, edit, and view all cases, get current reports by case and payments, as well as manage any number of stores and alignments.

  • Support

    CDA works closely with clients in all stages of the civil recovery program, from inception to ongoing recovery, follow-up, and including company-wide rollouts.  All clients have a dedicated account representative assigned to assist them with any matter. CDA strives to constantly improve the level of support provided to clients.  Also provided are secure reporting services, where clients can retrieve their month end reports and submit case files for processing. This is available anytime and anywhere over the World Wide Web via a secured site and login.


CDA integrates with all leading case management vendors for seamless collection and submission of incident data. CDA offers a discount to clients using the built-in electronic transfer features. If your case management vendor is not listed, or you use an in-house or other customized system, CDA can still work with you to develop a seamless solution.

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